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Client Testimonials

“My mother was left widowed, and we were worried about mom without anyone there 24/7 to support her.  We turned to Numactive to provide a solution that allowed us to provide mom with access to assistance 24/7 where ever she went.  The Alert Freedom is exactly what we were looking for.  Thanks Numactive for your care, and ongoing support of our family.  I’ve recommended this unit to several co-workers to provide to their parents as well!”

– Grant M.

“My Mother is still alert and active. She is not frail or elderly and still goes out shopping and visits with others, but when she’s in her own home, she is alone. It made sense for her to get the Numactive Emergency Help Button. It gives her the feeling of safety to be able to contact someone 24 hours a day, whether she has fallen, gets dizzy, or sees an intruder. It also gives the family peace of mind knowing that Mom is never alone.”

– Michael C.

“I was first worried that a Numactive medical alarm would be large and bulky; however, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the bracelet was very light-weight and attractive. I barely notice it and it gives me and my children a lot of peace of mind.”

– Beate H.

“I’ve had a medical alarm from Numactive for over 10 years and I can’t imagine living independently without it. It gives me confidence to continue living independently and maintain an active lifestyle without worry.”

– Helen P.